From Baking To Vidding: A Busy Weekend

For the first time in a (long) while, we had a gorgeous sunny day! It did wonders to the mood and spirits! I hope that the sun stays around for a little bit, especially since there is family visiting next week! A woman can hope, right? In preparation for this visit, I am going to bake some of my infamous double chocolate muffins.


On the vidding front, I completed my project on Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, for my upcoming blog series. It means I now just have the Baby Boom video left to do. Plan is to mark the song tonight so I can starting adding clips tomorrow. In between, I had a lot of other video ideas, but I “gently” told my brain to go have tea with the muses elsewhere than in my skull.

I find it funny that I had a few other things I wanted to write about in this post, and earlier today, I found three links of perfect matching for said topics!

Sat. Edition – The Flu and Other Misadventures plus Good Reads and Writing Advice by Jamie Lee Wallace

I discovered Jamie Lee Wallace’s posts on Live to Write – Write to Live a few weeks ago. The blog as a whole has very interesting and engaging contributors but I have a soft spot for Jamie’s Saturday Edition – What We’re Reading and Writing. I enjoy the discussion and to discover new tips in regards to writing and also possible new reads. Every time, she also links to other posts of relevance to subjects that are dear to me and my craft. By the way the two following links were found on her today post!

Before Breakfast by Tara Mohr

This post offered a lot of food for thought in regard to productivity and how there are supposed ways of doing this and that to be efficient. I am a perfectionist and value organization in my work and overall life, but I also appreciate being able to keep a degree of flexibility and take time to myself. I am aware that I still have issues taking breaks sometimes, as I fear I won’t be efficient enough then. The couple bad burnouts that took their toll on me during the past months have been teaching me a lesson and helped me accept that taking more time to relax and recharge wasn’t counter intuitive or counter productive.

I have always tried to tackle projects as early as possible. Not only do I hate rushing through things, but like in the current project of guest lecture I am working on, having time to figure things out has helped me turn the original core concept into a much better presentation. It isn’t completely done yet, and a section of it might or might not end in the final version, but I am very glad I could take my time with it.

Shelfies: Like Selfies, But For Book Nerds by Ann Handley

The timing of reading this post was perfect! With my upcoming post about which books from the Star Wars Expanded Universe I have read and enjoy, and those that I want to read, I had been toying with the idea of taking pictures of my book shelves. I don’t like selfies, but shelfies? I love the concept! You might see a few of those on this blog in the future!

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