Continuing The Star Wars Expanded Universe Conversation

Following up my last post about assorted thoughts on the Star Wars EU, I have been working on going through all published novels (youth and adult) in it. I color coded my master list with read/kept, read/need to buy, to read/on the shelf, to read/to buy. Of course, I read more  than the books actually listed on the document, but my upcoming post will be about what I have read and enjoyed or what I want to read. I am even planning to take some pictures of my Star Wars book shelves for this post.

Since I don’t read many Star Wars comics – or comics generally speaking, I might make a combined post for Star Wars comic books and also the reference and essay books later on this year. The reference and essay books will take a while to write down given how many I own!

I also found this post: To By or Not to Buy by Eleven-ThirtyEight of relevance given the on-going discussion. I used to buy every book I could get my hands on when I grew up, regarding the Star Wars EU, but now I am more picky, especially after the post New Jedi Order debacle. There is still way more than enough material that I want to get my hands on besides what I already own! As much as I love Star Wars, there are items that are of no interest to me and some I flat out refuse to have on my shelves, as expressed in my previous post.

On a different note, I received the copy of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal issue in which my article ‘Revisiting Indian Traditionalism in Shabd‘ is featured! It is always a great feeling to be able to see the final product of a publication! Speaking of publications, I am looking forward to know between February and April, whether the three projects I submitted for consideration will be accepted or not. Two are completed papers and one is a proposal.

In the meantime, I still have to finish my current book. I am planning to start writing the final chapter (before tackling general introduction and afterword) either this weekend or next week. It depends how the vidding muse regarding the February blog post series behaves in the upcoming days.

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