Guest Lecture Project And TV Reviews

For the past few weeks, I’ve had nine episodes of diverse TV shows I’m following, pile up. I’m not even including my remaining box sets of Angel, since I still have most of the fourth season and all of the fifth one left to watch. I was in the mood to catch up with some TV today, and thus caught up with both Lost Girl and Beauty and the Beast. I now have some Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Intelligence and The Tomorrow People left.

I was also able to get some good progress in my upcoming guest lecture project, related to vidding and narrative tools. I’m  unsure of how I’m going to include actual bits and pieces of videos in it, and want to add some further readings at the end. I still left with quite some more to do for this project, but at least I’ve cracked some good work for the slides today!

Lost Girl 4.10. Waves: It was great to get some insight about how things really happened and were organized in the earlier part of the season, thanks to the flash back. It’s depressing to see Bo estranged from her family and friends, but I cheered when I saw Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson do outstanding team work and be there for one another. I still hiss at Rainer/The Wanderer when I see him on screen. The butchering of the Una Mens was deserved, but when Trick revealed what would happen next, that certainly was a big “oops” moment. I wonder how much mess is going to come to life with the new evil power revealed. I’m also extremely glad that no one died in the episode, as I was afraid it would be the case! Of course, the following episode made me regret my big mouth!

Lost Girl 4.11. End of a Line: The opening scene with Tamsin, Bo and Kenzi was great, and I had misty eyes at the Bo and Kenzi moment. These two are such awesome BFF even when one of them messes up. I love how their friendship is one of the big things in the show. I’m glad to see Lina Hamilton/Acacia back! She’s a great character and I was sad when I thought she was maybe history in the previous season. I’m also impressed with the character development Vex has been going through since he was first introduced in the show. Dyson and Tamsin seen as work partners is a great touch! The parts between Kenzi and her mother was heart wrenching, and it was interesting to see more into Kenzi’s family history, despite how I still hate her mother. There are so many feels in this episode! The box of tissues was never far! And I deny what happened at the end of the episode. I deny it. *wails* And I am angry at this show now. Seriously asking for a tiny bit of difficult but true happiness, is it too much?

Beauty and the Beast 2.10. Ancestors: I still consider having two women as cop partners, Catherine and Tess, one of the best things in the show. Their dynamic is great and layered and makes them both very real. Can Tori get lost already? Seriously, she is so annoying. I am fine with the direction of this season, as I think they’ve handled it better than I first thought they might. Tori is the worst that happened to the show so far, the one big complaint I have about it. Catherine is kicking ass – which she often is, and I find it interesting to see how the different stories are tied in this episode. One scene between Vincent and JT just made me laugh. It had been a while since Vincent and Catherine had such entertaining banter (at the reception) before all hell broke loose again. I like how the mystery is expanding with what is brought up about artifacts and gems. I’m curious to see whether they can actually keep consistence as they develop this larger arc. And while I can’t stand Tori, I really like Gabe, and he’s had solid and interesting character development since he was first introduced in the show. And I’m happy to see Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Special Agent Dana Landon, as I really loved her as Detective Kate Lockley in Angel!

Beauty and the Beast 2.11. Held Hostage: Tess’s birthday party brings nice and fun times. She is a really great character! Tess calling out Gabe and Catherine about them having a “relationship” conversation also made me chuckle. Oh the mess aboard the house boat when they come to fetch the necklace/Tori. I like how Catherine has anger issues but not simply out of sheer jealousy, but because of how many things are tied to her and she can’t explain them yet and wants to find answers. Tori is still immature and a real spoiled brat. Gabe’s line “I feel like I’m in the middle of a divorce and you two are fighting over the beach house” was priceless. Going for the hostage situation was a great idea for the episode. When well executed – like in this case – I enjoy a good hostage situation episode for it can do for great suspect and character development and unusual dynamics. It was also great that they revealed what the necklace does, so it didn’t drag on too much. There is still a lot of mystery and that’s great. And they did a great job with the interaction between Vincent and Catherine too, including in terms of conflict. I also like how grown up the characters can be. It is refreshing! Tess glomping Vincent at the end was heart warming too!

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