Lively Vidding Muses

Today, I understood why my vidding muses were still napping yesterday. They came back with reinforcements! I had three videos left to make for my upcoming blog series about romantic movies. Not only have I started and completed the one for Kissing Jessica Stein, but I have even started (and made about 1/6) of the one for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. I love this type of vidding rampages, especially as my videos tend to turn out better that way. It is a shame when some outstanding shots have people talking in them, but I manage to limit any talking heads as much as possible, because I can’t stand them. Of course, some shots just have to be in the video regardless of the chatterboxes featured in it!

I am starting to be really looking forward to writing that blog series next month! By now, I have not just the short and eclectic list of movies I want to write about, but I also have the order for the series. I also made sure to upload all the already finished videos to my Vimeo account today, so I won’t have to think about it at the last minute, especially since the converting queuing always takes time on this platform. I just prefer to keep my YouTube channel solely Science Fiction and Fantasy focused.

Plan for the next days is to focus on the rest of the vidding required for this blog series – for which I’m still trying to find a fancy title, so far to no avail! Once the two last videos will be completed, I will work on my upcoming guest lecture about vidding. In a way, working on videos prior to that gives me food for thought for how I’ll expand my core concepts for the lecture.

On a final note, I want to share Rose B. Fischer’s latest post Muse Herding Gear: An Overview, which brings up many interesting elements as well as other links of interest regarding this topic.

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