A Quiet Sunday Night

The vidding muse didn’t visit me today, but I hope that this evening and following night will bring my spirit some peace as I relax reading inspirational texts. It seems that feeding the soul with personal and spiritual readings help even more than I first thought it would. I am still learning to let go of certain things and stress less. No matter how difficult, I know that I feel more comforted on my path, no matter how long certain things can take to come to fruition. I know I am on the right track, and I am grateful for the journey, even when I can be frustrated like any other human being. I feel more comfortable and patient, even though being patient with myself isn’t always my forte.

As I was checking Twitter tonight, I saw a post by one of my friends: On Surrender by Melissa Rataj Ratel. This post is absolutely spirit lifting and after I spent some quality time reading and appreciating it, my first thought was to make a post here and link to it. Thank you for this post, Melissa!

Surrender is a mutual state, the farthermost extension of love. Is not God love? Is not utter surrender the tantamount method of expressing and allowing love to bathe our unified, consolidated being? If God is Love, and Love is Surrender, then surrender becomes our closest elucidation of the divine. Chosen wisely, it empowers, validates, accepts and induces harmony, love and will.

– Melissa Rataj Ratel

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