Hello Productivity, My Old Friend

The past few days have been busy in terms of writing; and it feels so good to be back on track. My current book chapter is now almost done, save for the references I need to add, which I will do tomorrow. Once it is all completed, I will send it off for proof reading. Before I tackle the final chapter (besides general introduction and afterword) of Women in Science Fiction Television, I plan to focus some time on preparing the guest lecture about vidding that I will give during March.

I am planning to make another video, in the perspective of my upcoming blog series about romantic movies in February, this weekend. I already made one of the four videos I had to do for some of the movies. My first 2014 video was thus for the movie Playing By Heart, and on an all time favorite French songs of mine. The next movie I am going to vid for the series is Kissing Jessica Stein. I already have the perfect song in mind, as for the two other movies afterwards. Hopefully the vidding muses will continue to cooperate!

On the reading side, I have just finished a book I really enjoyed and which provided great food for thought: The Emotionally Healthy Woman: Eight Things You Have To Quit To Change Your Life by Geri Scazzero. While Scazzero writes as a Christian woman – which speaks a lot to me – most of what she says can be applied no matter your spiritual path and/or gender. They are practical and intelligent raised points and I know that this one is very much a keeper. It is one of the most thought provoking book of personal and spiritual development I have read.

And on a final yummy note, a certain someone told me that I had to share a picture of the apple and cinnamon cupcakes I baked last weekend, so here it is!


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