More Writing And Vidding Progress

My Farscape/Babylon 5 chapter is going better than ever with all I’ve written for the past few days. I now have done 7K words out of the 10K overall goal for this specific chapter. I surpassed my writing goal for today already. While I hope to add a bit more later, right now, my brain has decided it needed a vidding break.

With my blog series about romantic movies for February, I have brainstormed the four vids I need to make for it and have decided that since I’ve rewatched Playing by Heart, I’m going to make the video for this movie, or at least, start it this afternoon. I have the perfect song for it. I have wanted to use it since I started vidding back in summer 2005. It took me a few years to get around to use it, but it is worth the wait!

I really want to get those few videos ready for my blog series in February. It will push the female role models one for later this year, probably circa April or May, but I feel good about both projects. It is nice to have some ideas for the blog, besides the regular rambling!

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