My 300th Video: Another Milestone, Another Scully Tribute

It has been a couple of months since I completed my last video, meaning that the next one was going to be quite the milestone as video #300. I had seen it coming for even longer than that and I had known what I wanted to do, subject and music wise. I’d been having ideas for clips as well, especially with writing about Scully in the X-Files for a very important chapter of my upcoming book Women in Science Fiction Television. Yet, every single time I was willing to work on it, the muse went poof on me. It was frustrating, especially as I really wanted to get it done before the end of the year.

Today I think the muse and I got a tie in our latest match. Right when I was going to work on my current book chapter (2,000 words to go + some quotes and it’ll be finished!) the vidding muse suddenly had a fit and demanded that I made a Christmas video. I mean December 22 evening is the perfect timing to ask for that, isn’t it? I had a nice chat with the muse and explained that I couldn’t do that because the next video was #300 and that I had a special project. The muse agreed to cooperate so I could make the special vid tonight and that I make the Christmas video tomorrow. *pats muse* In a way, I find it scary when they behave, even more than when they refuse to play nice.

So, I am very happy to announce that I have spent my evening creating my 300th video, a X-Files Scully tribute called Story of My Life, on Dar Williams’s song Book of Love, which is one of my all time favorite tunes. This video shows how Scully relies on family, friends and faith throughout the years. A particular line from the lyrics also sums it up well: “And no matter what the ending is, the story of my life is the book of Love.”

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