Always More Writing

I am still planning to finish my V focused book chapter this upcoming week, but this weekend I was able to nevertheless do quite some writing and publication related tasks. I was a busy bee in between setting Christmas decorations up (at last) and baking!

I wrote two paper proposals, one about the French supernatural show David Nolande, for a guest blog post, and one about vidding for a research journal. That means that by now I am patiently awaiting publishers’ decisions for five papers, two of them being completed articles instead of proposals. I am very hopeful for those and cross fingers that they will be accepted.

Browsing calls for papers is something I always enjoy doing and am very grateful for related online resources! I saw one two days ago, and thought that it might be a good place where to submit my article about the Bollywood movie Shabd. So I submitted it, and had the great surprise to find it accepted the morning after! So, now this paper, “Revisiting Indian Traditionalism in Shabd” will be published in the Pennsylvania Literary Journal.

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