Second AcWriMo Goal Completed!

I literally just finished a third chapter from my upcoming book Women in Science Fiction Television – and I already have ideas for a second volume at least. I am hopeless, really hopeless. When I started to write the book this Fall, my goal was to have three chapters (out of seven + general introduction and conclusion) completed by the end of 2013. This is done! With all my projects and my very needed break, I hereby declare that I will tackle the next chapter in January 2014.

And since I was also inspired today, I even started to write my paper about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which is my third goal for AcWriMo. I completed the introduction and added more notes to the different subsections I will write next. I am planning to get the rest of the paper done during this upcoming week. So far, my overall AcWriMo word count is 19352. This week is going to be busy since end of it I also have the documentary producer coming to tape my interview about vidding at my place and on Saturday I should be working further on the eBook I am co-editing with a friend.

I’d also like to say how much I am enjoying the AcWriMo experience, especially thanks to the community on Twitter. Just got invited to a live chat – which starts in ten minutes now, just the time to finish that post hopefully! It is a great way to get acquainted to fellow scholars and I am hoping I can do AcWriMo every year from now on, if I have adequate projects, which should be the case with all I always have planned!

On an end note, I have posted my most recent video to my YouTube channel. Called C’est la vie, it is my very first one for Tony Stark/Iron Man (with bits of Tony/Pepper because I love those two together) but certainly not my last!

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