Back on AcWriMo track!

The last few days didn’t allow for me to work on my book chapter, but I am glad to say that I am back on track and that my current AcWriMo word count is 12690. The chapter is going well and I hope to finish the full second section this week. I follow the same structure for all the chapters so far and it tends to work really well for my writing. I function with intro + 3 sections (all divided in 3 subsections) + conclusion. The breakdown makes it less daunting when I work on each part. Using the word count and calculating my breakdown has been of huge help to me since my first Master degree when a teacher of mine who taught both in the US and in France gave me that tip.

I have been suffering from a bit of a burnout with all my amount of writing and other academic projects so I am considering taking December off, as the last real break I took was in June. So, once this chapter (i.e. my AcWriMo goal) is completed and that I am done doing the co-editing of an eBook with a friend, I will probably postpone the next book chapter to January. Of course, I already have a trillion ideas of things to tackle during my possible “month of break”, but being able to put the current major project on hold is likely what I need right now. I have hand written notes on different side projects I will be able to compile and type up, though I won’t be drafting any actual parts of those. This break would also allow me to go back to vidding, not just for my #300 but for a few others. Doing that along with continuing to catch up with TV and movies, as well as possibly some reading will probably help my burnt out brain. I’ve tried to ignore the lurking burn out for more than a month but it made itself known to me last weekend.

Going back to vidding would also help me prepare some more my blog series about female role models from when I grew up, in terms of media characters. I know I have been hinting at it for a while but I really want to have videos for them – at least the characters who don’t come from novels or comic books! – so that means I need to vid again as I have videos only for one or two of them! I am glad that I have good material to write about on this blog in the meantime though. I seem to have better inspiration in comparison to when I first moved to WordPress in June.

I have also been catching up with Lost Girl some more during the past week. I had enjoyed the first season and the second one really blew me away. I just finished the third season. I admit that the first part of this third season left me rather disappointed, no matter how there were still great moments between characters. Yet when the arc of the dawning kicked in and the episodes that followed afterwards reconciled me fully with the show. I really love it, and the characters’ relationships are outstanding in my view. I love how there are so many dynamics between the six main characters and how they are a family no matter the issues that take place. I also want to say that Lost Girl manages to depict a love triangle I actually enjoy. I tend to get very annoyed and tired of those, especially when such things drag on. But the triangle between Bo/Lauren/Dyson is really well done. It works with the story line and character development for all of them, including the political and species stakes that happen as seasons go. I also have to say that a certain scene between Lauren and Dyson in the last part of this third season really blew me away. I was afraid that it would just not work well and be easily cheesy or bickering, but it was just poignant to me.

After the crazy finale of the third season, I can’t wait to watch the new fourth one! I am very excited about it, as much as I can’t wait for Continuum third season next year. I think it’s safe to say I am quite addicted to those two Showcase shows. And on that note, I will leave you with one of the teasers for Lost Girl season four!

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