Third book chapter is officially started!

The structure to the third chapter of my book Women in Science Fiction Television gave me some trouble yesterday in comparison to the previous two I completed. It was ironic since I had worked more on part of the subject (Boomer/Tyrol from the 2004 Battlestar Galactica and Deckard/Rachael from Blade Runner) over the past few years. I eventually won over the fickle and pestering writing muse! It isn’t how I had originally thought I would approach my topic, but I’m all good as I think it works just fine. I wrote the introduction last night, which means that my AcWriMo word count is now 9024! I’m really glad that this challenge happened this month, so I am able to really push for better goals (as my original one was to get three chapters written by the end of the year, and now it’s to get said third chapter done by the end of this month) In between my editing work on another project is still going well, so productivity abounds and I hope it continues as such.

On the TV front, I have caught up with all aired episodes of the new Beauty and the Beast and now wait for next week episode like every other viewer. After my few doubts about the new angle of the show in the first couple of episodes of the second season, I was reassured with what I saw next. I think that they have a much more solid arc than I first thought. I then tried to delve back in two other shows whose pilots I had found okay: Dracula and Arrow. The second episodes of both shows just made me lose complete interest. Even Dracula which had some good plot aspects and Rhys-Meyer’s great performance, couldn’t keep me interested. As for Arrow, I wanted to like it, but I was just bored out of my mind. So I gave up on those two series.

I went back to Lost Girl, as I had seen nothing except the first season. I jumped back into the universe at once and am enjoying the second season. Even when I don’t really care about some of the weekly investigations, I still love all the main characters: Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Hale, Trick. Those six are so great and with many interesting dynamics within the group. The relationships between the characters are what keep me watching episode after episode. It is one of the casts I like best from on going shows those days. I am glad that I still have fifteen more episodes to watch in the second season and that I have thirteen more with the third one. And knowing that there is already a fourth season to start soon, well… It is great to know that some shows still last more than one or two seasons!

And to finish, here is the latest video I posted on YouTube. It is an ensemble Harry Potter tribute, on Edyta Gorniak’s song One & One. The video is called The People Who Care. [WARNING: It seems that the video is blocked in the US though, so sorry to American viewers or anyone else who sees it blocked.]

2 thoughts on “Third book chapter is officially started!

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Sorry to hear that it’s blocked. I know I have a few which are blocked in some countries. *sigh at YouTube* I edited the post to put a warning for American viewers. And yes, chapter is behaving, though I have an inkling I might take a bit of a break tonight!



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