Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A focus on female characters

Today, my eBook Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A Focus on Female Characters is live and available. It is published by the Thought Catalog and can be found through their website (sending to Amazon and Apple stores). I worked on this project this summer and am very happy to see it now published. I was able to follow up on some previous work I did on the Dragon Age franchise last year, in terms of gender studies, as female characters (playable or non playable) always are a topic of interest to me.

Star Wars: The Old Republic presents ambivalent gender dynamics when it comes to female representations. The game draws from both the Star Wars universe, in which it is inscribed, and also from the EA/Bioware tradition. Regarding non-playable characters, it shows that just like their male counterparts, the female ones can range across a large age span, and be either good or villain characters. The playable storyline for all classes remains overall the same for both genders, which brings a sentiment of gender equality, at least in terms of narrative. Indeed, the looks of said female characters while highly customizable, still retains a large choice of possibly openly sexualized/seductive looks for them.

When working on this project, I realized that while game studies aren’t my main focus, they really are something I enjoy venturing into, as it also presents a bit of a challenge to me. Thanks to this project, I got a new idea for a possible future paper or two, also about Star Wars video games, though older ones. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this eBook!

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