Writing New Content and Digging out Old Papers

With my contracted book project, I try to reason myself in terms of new publications, so I make sure to have appropriate time for the book, as this is until now my biggest writing project ever. I have a call for papers I will respond to for April 2014, and already have the topic, but I want to write at least two or three chapters (out of seven) in my book about Women in Science Fiction TV before tackling it. Of course, a few nights ago, I was suddenly reminded of an older paper of mine (which I wrote during my second MA back in 2009) about the French movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, directed by Christophe Gans. I dug it out and reworked it, and then decided that I could check in case I found a matching call for papers. I found one, which means I finished to rework the article this week, and it’s currently going through beta. I am really hoping that it would be accepted for publication, especially as I am sending it to Asia and I never got published there so far!

I am having a wonderful time working on my current chapter, and I hope to be able to complete the first draft by the end of the month. I already picked the next one I will tackle, since I was swamped with further ideas for it, besides the blurb, earlier today. It is great that this is falling into place so well. The hard work is always a crucial part of research and writing, but when the topic is one I love, it always makes things easier. I have also made up my mind to create videos/trailers for every chapter of this upcoming book, and a general one. I’m not really sure if that will be of any use, besides when I post about it further on this site, but I feel like doing it, so it might be a good way for me to keep perspective on the writing too. But before I tackle any vidding for that, I will first work on my 300th video in the upcoming weeks, probably after completion of this chapter and having done some editing work for an eBook.

I am also quite looking forward to next week as my own eBook about Star Wars: The Old Republic should go live and be available for purchase/reading. But for now, I will end this post with the latest video I posted to my YouTube channel, which is a Kara Thrace tribute from Battlestar Galactica. It was actually my first video for the show when I fell in love with it. It is funny – and a bit hard to believe – that it took me three attempts to get into the show. The first time, I stopped after five minutes into the miniseries, the second one, I fell asleep in the middle of it, and the third time, I think I watched the first three seasons as quick as I could so I would see more and be on time for the fourth season to go live!

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