A Vidder’s Ramblings: If I Will It All Away And Time Will Not Erase

To finish this blog series about some of my videos, I chose to write about two videos. If I Will It All Away and Time Will Not Erase, respectively made for Alien (first three movies) and Prometheus, in 2011 and 2013. There is a strong connection between those two vids, and not only because of the fictional universe they belong to. Not only did both videos premiered at the Wiscon (in 2011 and 2013) but they were made in memory of my mother’s cat and then my own, who passed away 2 years apart.


When hers died, I went to Alien right away to handle my grief through vidding, because there was the big ginger cat in the movie (and in pieces of the second one) and Jedi was a big ginger cat, though long haired. So it just connected in my head. I hadn’t vidded any Evanescence song in years either, but Whisper seemed to just work perfectly given the painful circumstances. I remember that I hadn’t seen the fourth movie back then (which is my least favorite since then) so that was the practical reason why If I Will It All Away only features the first three movies from the franchise. Ripley is a character that I like a lot and whose journey I find compelling, so it also worked well for what I had in mind.

On the opposite, I didn’t like Prometheus for the most part when I went to see the movie when it came out in 2012. I had already a paper I wanted to write about all those issues I had with it. I rewatched the movie in March or April this year, to take notes for future academic projects. And I had a great surprise, because I enjoyed it this time, and while I’m far from finding it anywhere near perfect, I was much more invested in the movie, especially Shaw’s character, at second watching. It was something I hadn’t seen coming at all.

It was why when I learned that my cat Sissi passed away while I was abroad for a few weeks; I knew that I needed to vid Prometheus. The song, I had known for a while that it would be My Immortal by Evanescence, no matter how many times it was used in videos since it first came out. The song would just be perfect for her, especially after having had her for such a long time – she left us a week after turning twenty. I was barely home for a few days before leaving again for a job interview, but my parents had got me the DVD for Prometheus and so I jumped back into vidding, although I hadn’t done much in a few months.

Just like If I Will It All Away, it was a difficult and emotional video to make, but I am glad about the result, even though I wish that I had had Sissi on my desk pawing at the keyboard while I had made it. I didn’t hesitate afterwards to submit it for premiering at Wiscon again, as it felt right to do that, as a follow up for the video I had done after her younger brother when he passed away in 2011.

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