A Vidder’s Ramblings: To Reach My Motherland

Made in 2010, To Reach My Motherland was my first Star Wars: The Clone Wars video, which only focuses on the movie and the first season, as I hadn’t seen more than that back then. It remains my only one for the series so far. I think that as soon as I get the other seasons on DVD, I won’t be able to resist making more videos for that TV series, given how much I enjoyed it.

Just like for the Trinity video for the Matrix trilogy, I am a little annoyed with my ending, which also uses a freezing frame. I guess that I was experimenting with that back in 2010. I’m glad that I grew out of that pattern, because I’m not a fan of it when I look back. As always, it is part of the learning process! Some “new” things are kept and some discreetly forgotten. At least, it is important to keep the experimentation coming, so that it offers new challenges and fuels the creative development.

Once again the music is from a metal band whose songs I enjoy a lot. This time the artists are Lunatica. The ‘vibe’ of the song really made me think of Ahsoka, who was a favorite character of mine from the movie, and until the end of the show. Yet, some of the lyrics gave me a good challenge and I had to rely a lot on poetic license so I could make them fit – I.e. jumping on the clips and the lyrics until they are all friends even if I don’t remember how I ended up with the lyrics/clips match at some points.

While I am not very much of a comedic vidder, save for a few random exceptions scattered across the years, I try to have hope featured in my videos, even when they present dark events and stories. Keeping the possibility of better tomorrows is important to me. Of course, some of my creations just look plain dramatic and somber. This Clone Wars video is one of those videos I made that always lifts my spirits up when I watched it. There is a breath of life in it which I find quite energizing. As much as I can see things that I would have done differently three years later, I still have a great fondness for this video.

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