A Vidder’s Ramblings: In You I Can Trust

Made in 2010, In You I Can Trust is the only Witchblade video I made until now. Just like for other fandom, I plan to return to it and create more videos for it in the future. A “problem” I have is that when I enjoy something, I tend to want to vid for it and/or write about it, from a meta/academic standpoint. So, it can take me quite a long time to get around working on certain things, since I have a hard time resisting trying out new media content when they look appealing. This is probably why I am such a multifandom person who is always so easily behind on movies, TV shows, books and even video games! Regarding my vidding, it’s no wonder an Australian friend of mine once called me “Runezilla who trudges through fandoms” (in reference to my vidder’s name Aruna7).

Regarding this video, I remember buying the whole series box set back in 2008 or 2009 after my friend Lionchilde told me about it. Having no idea about the comics, I gave it a try anyway. I really enjoyed the show, though checking the video now; I realize that a rewatch would be a good thing, as there are many things I don’t remember.

I know that as much as I could ship Sara Pezzini with Jake McCartey at times, my favorite ‘couple’ in the series has always been Sara and Gabriel Bowman, especially during season two, which is what prompted this video in the first place, even though I still want to make at least one ensemble video for this show, and also a friendship one for Sara and Danny Woo.

The choice of the song came naturally, despite the fact I had already vidded ‘All About Us’ by Tatu. I try to pick songs I didn’t vid before, but after more than 290 videos, it doesn’t hurt to vid some more than once, especially since some songs just beg for more than one fandom. The first time I had used that Tatu song had been in 2005 anyway, when I was still in the very early stage of my vidding experience, including still having only Windows Movie Maker. The video was a Farscape one for Aeryn Sun, Zhaan and Chiana, so the theme was quite different. I was happy to be able to make a “better” video with a song I appreciate a lot.

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