Upcoming Posts

During this past week, I have been musing over possible blog posts for my website, as I enjoy being able to plan a bit ahead, even if some posts aren’t scheduled, like when a new publication comes out. I have decided to write two series of posts in the next weeks or couple of months, depending at which pace I write. The first one will be some vidding commentaries on the videos I posted on my YouTube channel, but haven’t written anything about yet, because they are ‘older’ videos that were reposted online, when I got the channel. The second series will be about female characters I considered as role models when I grew up (in opposition to all the ones I ‘gained’ since I turned twenty).

I already started to work on some drafts for the first series of blog posts. I also found myself digging into my collection of videos as I was making lists for two possible portfolios if need be: one about female character centric videos and one for media franchises as whole, both with a strong Science Fiction and Fantasy emphasis. That made me rewatch some of my X-Files videos, especially my Scully ones, all the more since I am going back to writing my chapter about her and Caprica Six in Battlestar Galactica (for my upcoming book) next week.

I am not going to make a post right now about why Scully remains up to this day one of my favorite fictional characters, since she will probably be one of the first topics in my role models series next month. Yet, I felt inclined to post one of my older (2008) videos I made about her, especially the cancer arc end of season 4 and early season 5, with her relationships with her family and Mulder and of course her struggle with her faith, Scully’s faith being one of what makes the character speaks to me as much as she does. To have what I fear to lose remains a video I still like a lot, even five years after making it. The blend between Scully’s story and Nightwish’s song Gethsemane – which is one of my favorite from the band, is still quite haunting to me.

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