Random Thoughts on Old and New Media Productions

So, I recently finished Babylon 5. I have a lot of issues with the first part of season five, but I was really glad that they picked things up towards the later part after the Byron disaster, as there is no other way I can define that arc. I still missed Ivanova lot. I loved how the creator had the guts to make three episodes of goodbyes and take his time to send everyone on their own way. And the reunion episode before Sheridan died made me cry so much and on so many occasions: the final goodbye between him and Delen, including him being back into his uniform, the “right” one not the earth one was just wow and her in her white Minbari garb… And the speech… There was so much emotion in it, that I consider this lengthy and multi part ending one of the best series finales ever. I loved that there was nothing that came to ruin it (like the Six/Baltar future follow up in Battlestar Galactica, which went against what should have been the final shot of the show: Adama on Roslin’s grave on Earth).

I was glad that they kept developing the bond between Londo and G’Kar as well – G’kar being one of my favorite characters. There was a lot of emotions and I was also grateful to see Garibaldi get out of the black hole in this final season too, as it had been heart wrenching to see him drinking again. Sure, there are more things that could have been developed during a longer time, but I think that Babylon 5 had a really strong ending, in comparison to other shows. I also found it tragically beautiful that Ivanova took charge of the Rangers at the end. I still have to see the rest of the productions (all TV movies and the spin off Crusade) as I am curious about them and also want to have the “full” knowledge of the franchise for upcoming papers.

Now, let me hop on the Ben Affleck as the new Batman bandwagon. Better late than never, right?

I’m not much of a Batman fan to begin with, though I liked some elements of the Dark Knight trilogy (mostly the relationships between Wayne, Fox, Alfred and Gordon as for example I really disliked Hathaway as Catwoman in the last one).

I like Affleck as a man and his views as a director (he really has ideas/beliefs about it that speaks to me). I’m not a big fan of him as an actor to begin with. So it’s not even Daredevil that I’ll use as an argument, as I agree with many that nothing could have saved the movie. The only movie where I semi liked Affleck was Armaggedon, which is just a casual watch to me, not something I’d rewatch over and over again nor write a paper about, and State of Play which kind of gives me hope he might do at least a semi decent Bruce Wayne.

I loved Bale’s portrayal of Wayne/Batman (even though sorry but I still had a hard time not to laugh every time he was wearing the Batman costume) and I would have preferred seeing someone more into his style of acting to mesh with Cavill’s. I have a hard time picturing Affleck as Batman, especially as I honestly can’t see any real good dynamic between him and Cavill (that I really liked as Superman, even though I wasn’t a Superman fan to begin with either).

So I am quite dumbfounded by the choice of Affleck right now. Since I really like Snyder’s work (I prefer his work to Nolan’s even though I know that it’s not the kind of opinion some like to hear), I’m hoping I’ll have a good surprise, but my hopes just lowered at once after the news. I’ll go see the movie anyway, because I want to believe that it will turn out better than I’m thinking it will right now. And if I still don’t like the movie, I’ll probably still be happy to see Cavill as Superman again, and I tend to make peace with what I don’t like in Snyder’s movies anyway. So, that story/opinion is to be continued!

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