Her Universe’s Fan Girl of the Day

When I discovered the Fan Girl of the Day/Year of the Fan Girl project at Her Universe, I found it a wonderful idea, as a woman who’s loved Science Fiction since she was a child.It is wonderful to see Ashley Eckstein being not only a very talented voice actress (her portryal of Ahsoka in the Clone Wars is one of the main reasons I am in love with that TV shows and hope to see more!) but also a fan girl herself, and doing so much for girls and women like her!

I was lucky to grow up in a house where Science Fiction was appreciated, and watched Star Wars and other movies with my parents, and had a very large collection of novels both in French and English to choose from thanks to my mother. I can also safely say that I owe it to C.J. Cherryh’s Serpent’s Reach book to have begun to write original fiction as well. Science Fiction is what led me to become a media scholar, and it is safe to say that Star Wars was the first love of many. I mean, the first thing I ever saw on TV was the Muppets episode featuring part of the Star Wars cast. Let’s say that I was doomed from start!

A friend of mine, who happens to be my official beta for all my publications, Catherine Parkins, nominated me for being a Fan Girl of the Day a while ago. Today I am honored to be August 10, 2013, Fan Girl of the Day. It means a lot to me as I believe in strong female role models, and Science Fiction has always been my genre of choice. I also believe that fandom allows one to explore great worlds and delve into many creative outlets, and can be meshed well with academic practices and research, like how I believe that vidding for example can be a great tool in an academic setting.

May the Force be with all the Fan Girls!

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