Alternate Universe Fan Videos and the reinterpretation of the media source

Yesterday, my first publication in the United States came out. The paper is called “Alternate Universe Fan Videos and the reinterpretation of the media source” and was published in the Phoenix Papers Vol. 1, No. 2. This essay was developed from  a talk I gave in 2012 at a conference in France, whose topic was the interpretative gesture.

Here is an excerpt of the introduction:

The category that draws our interest here is called alternate universe. Those fan videos shows events that didn’t happen in the narrative of the media source, often referred to as ‘canon’. It is a rather broad term since those fan videos often are a mix of alternate universe and other categories such as: gen (general), het (heterosexual), slash and femslash (gay and lesbian couples), shipper (couple centric fan videos), trailer, episodic, fan fiction / role-play based.

In this vast spectrum that fan creations represent, how do alternate fan videos have particular interpretative characteristics? Those fan videos asks certain questions regarding their creative process, including from a technical point of view, but also in relation to their reception in the fan communities. Three main lines of research appear to answer the question above. The first one is the notion of fan video as ‘bricolage’ with the creative stakes that it includes. The second one encompasses the technical stakes allowed by nowadays narrative tools, that a vidder might have available. Finally, the final stakes are related to the audience those alternate universe fan videos benefit from, with the numerous interpretative communities they might – or not – reach.

I had originally introduced the original talk with the short mash up showed below, based on different alternate universe fan videos I had created for Star Wars.

password: alternate

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