A Bag of Mix and Match

Hello Monday! I’m working on the introduction of my eBook about Star Wars: The Old Republic and gender dynamics, which means a pile of books on the table, including the SW:TOR encyclopedia. Having played  the game again for the past week reminded me of a more elements I want to address in the eBook. I have also sent the finished drafts of my Farscape and Supernatural papers. I’m still waiting to hear whether another couple of papers will be picked for publications. Hoping they do, especially as one of them isn’t my usual topic (Bollywood).

During the weekend I’ve kept catching up with more movies and TV shows. As always, it makes for a rather eclectic mix. I’ve finished the second season of Falling Skies. I started the show in April while traveling and really loved it. I originally tried it out of mere curiosity and because I heard it was a bit similar to Jericho (which I finally finished earlier this year). As much as I liked Jericho, I find Falling Skies much more engaging. I think that most characters interest me (contrary to about half of the ones on Jericho) and that there is the threat more present makes Falling Skies a more enjoyable watch. Like in Jericho I love the family ties that are explored and believe they are a crucial part of the show. While I won’t say that Falling Skies is a revolutionary TV series, I still think that it is one of the few good Science Fiction shows that currently air. After all, revolutionary is a big word, and many movies, TV series, books or games can be engaging even when they aren’t all that original, as long as the overall narrative makes sense and that characters are layered and interesting.

I have also finished to watch the Twilight movie series. I still like the books much more and think the movies could have been (much) better, but I really enjoyed the last two installations. I regret that the movies are so unequal in quality. There are some gorgeous pictures at times, but on the other end the vampire design was kind of a fail, especially with how white the make up was at times, which was just distracting. I enjoyed how the last two movies showed the more witty and bantering aspect of the relations between the characters, which is something I really enjoyed in the books. I find it paradoxical that moments like the wedding and the honeymoon that could have been just boring and too sugary (as it was a big issue in the first three movies) were just great with funny and sweet moments. I even managed to find Pattinson decent in the last two movies, which was a surprise, as I still wish they had picked another actor for Edward (otherwise I think they did a really good job with the cast) but I accepted the choice better in Breaking Dawn Parts I and II. At least, it will make it easier for me to vid the stories withotu having to ‘recast’ Edward in my mind! One thing I found really well done in terms of visual design was when Bella becomes a vampire and has her new and ‘better’ perceptions. I also found it pretty neat that they added people from all movies at the end credits of the final movie as well. There was at least one thing that was equally great throughout the five movies: the music, either the songs used or the original soundtrack.

Speaking of music, I was amazed with the score of the Tudors until the very end of the show, which I finished recently as well. I had started the show years ago, but finally caught up those last two months with seasons three and four. That show was really outstanding until the very end. It is hard to find one thing to complain, as actors, locations, costumes, jewelries, weapons were impeccable. The one thing I couldn’t stand was the fifth queen. The five or six episodes where she was in, it was quite a torture to watch. I couldn’t wait for the moment she would be executed. Afterwards, the end of season four was back to being the grand series I loved to watch. I enjoyed how the King had visions of his deceased wives in the final episode, and how the stream of memories that came back to him in the very final scene. That specific time reminded me of the finale of Highlander where Duncan McLeod had memories of everyone, to the point that I was almost expecting Bonny Portmore by Loreena McKennitt to kick in (which also means that I now plan to make a Tudors video on that song). There were so many emotional moments in that final episode as well, including the final moment between Henry VIII and Charles Brandon, before this last one passes away. When I watched The Tudors, I couldn’t help but wishing that we could do such series in France, especially when we have such an extended history. Wishful thinking doesn’t hurt at times!

So, next on the TV catch up list is Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season five), and also Babylon 5 (season three)…

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