A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Catching up with movies and TV shows is a great summer pleasure those days. I finally caught up with the rest of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and now I am part of the large group who is waiting for the extra episodes, no matter which shape they take. I loved the story until the end, and I enjoy how they made it such great Star Wars. I didn’t expect to have what I consider a rather ‘adult’ show in the themes it develops, given it was a cartoon (maybe call it an European deformation). The fact that it tackles political implications in times of wars, engineered humanity, and other ones, really won me over as well, and there is a lot to re-watch for the time I have them all on Blu-Ray. I also know that the next time I will re-watch Revenge of the Sith, it will be even more of a bitter pill, with all those little moments, those years of war, shown in The Clone Wars. On a side note, I also remarked that the finale of the last season ends without the main theme being heard as the end credits begin. I don’t remember it happening in any other Star Wars installation.

Right now, I am reading the Attack of the Clones prequel novel, The Approaching Storm, by Alan Dean Foster (I had it sitting on my shelf for like ten years!) and it seems like good timing the characters featured, after watching The Clone Wars. It seems that Star Wars is never really far from what I watch/read/play/work on. Thanks to talks with my fellow One Path (Obidala Alternate Universe series) creator, Lionchilde, I even felt like making a general Star Wars video for the six movies, which I hadn’t done in a few years. The result was Heroes – famous and less known ones – on Alive Again by Cher.

To finish on the Star Wars topic, I am playing The Old Republic again, gaining more data for the eBook I’m working on, about female characters (playable and non playable) for this Fall. I always enjoy writing about media female characters, and it is one of my favorite subject to research. I’m already caught up with the two other articles I have to do for this Fall (Supernatural and Farscape papers). Right now, I am playing the expansion planet on the Imperial side (with my Operative, who was my first level 50 in the game since I started it in early access end of 2011) before tackling it on the Republic side.

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