More Bats, Clones and Vidding

Following my observations about the Dark Knight trilogy, I was nevertheless subject to a vidding muse’s wishes and I made my first video for those movies. Using Marchin’ On by One Republic, I created an ensemble piece, that mostly focuses on Alfred, Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon, because those three are the greatest reasons I emotionally engaged with Nolan’s movies. The fan video called The  Bonds We Save is now posted online, including on Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, I decided to create a channel, after years of placing my streaming versions elsewhere. Not all my videos will be shared there, but expect to see a good few of them, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy ones, shared there anyway. After the lack of muse for most of 2012, it is a joy to be able to vid again this year. I already have a few ideas I hope to see come to fruition during the summer.

Since returning from vacation, I have also continued watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars and have now finished the third season. I continue to enjoy it and appreciate all the different angles it shows about the Star Wars universe, and what is going on during the Clone Wars. I was impressed with how it delved into the clones’ lives in early third season. I wouldn’t have really hoped for something like that, but I think it was an interesting idea. I also find the opening quotes a very nifty touch in the design of the show. I’ll have to go through them all at some point and check how the list unfolds over the seasons. The continuation of character development on various levels, including about politics, still catches my attention. I was planning to finally finish the fourth season of The Tudors, but I believe that it will have to wait until I am done with seasons four and five of The Clone Wars.

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